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  1. Perfect Money: U7009744 (Best Services)     

  2. Bitcoin: 1EgBdTkUq4maLuNaBktsVarjvevaN7245d

  3. USDT ERC20: 0x6c733530DBb0535dAE61C0C9AEb4D3Dd9cA152bB

  4. USDT TRC20: TFbii2xPqVpsRdWShSAZ8KTKJTnWGbraKw

  5. Ethereum: 0x6c733530DBb0535dAE61C0C9AEb4D3Dd9cA152bB

We don't accept Ethereum from Binance's BSC chain. The BSC chain was created by Binance and is not widely accepted by other exchanges and crypto platforms. At this time, like the majority of crypto platforms, our wallet does not support BSC or tokens on BSC.

Payment instruction

  1. Perfect Money

  2. Bitcoin

Pay attention to:

      We don't store any fund and balance in our website. YOUR MONEY IN YOUR WALLET (PERFECT MONEY or BITCOIN)